Install Extension



High rates for website results

Add-on for Chrome

PTC system (Paid To Click)

The minimum payment is 0.00005 BTC



Earn free Bitcoin in a second

Add-on for Chrome

PTC system (Paid To Click)

Usually a lot of advertisers


Add-on for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Yandex

Watch a video

Visit sites

Sell traffic

Install Extension - how to earn bitcoins?

You must have Chrome web browser installed - Download link

On the website you will have to provide your BTC address, email and code that you will receive on the email provided.

If you enter a website with the required Install Extension, you'll see the message:
Get Bitcoins in a second step 1

you'll need to install the Chrome browser add-on.

After clicking the Install Extension button, you'll be taken to the Chrome Web Store:

Select Add to Chrome and install the add-on. Now you are only a step away from earning extra bitcoins.

Refresh the Install Extension website (CTRL + F5) and click the new icon in your browser.
Get Bitcoins in a second step 2

You will now see ads to click
Get Bitcoins in a second step 3

After clicking on the advertisement from the bar, the advertiser's website will open in a new tab. The Extension icon will count down the waiting time.
Get Bitcoins in a second step 4

Finally, click the icon and fill in the Captcha code. BTC will be added to our account.
Get Bitcoins in a second step 5

We'll click the rest of the ads. The more the better.

The above guide explains how to make money in PTC Install Extension programs. Each IE can be different (they can also be surbar or autosurf programs).

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