Bitcoin Faucet List

Earn more BTC on watching YouTube videos and websites. More in the Install Extension section.

Free bitcoin

Free Bitcoin

Win Free Bitcoins Every Hour

Win up to $200 in Free Bitcoins

Refer and get 50% of your referred users plays

Bitcoin savings account with daily interest

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Larvel Faucet

Get Free coins every hour

Earn more:PTC Ads, Offerwalls, Shortlinks and other

Hourly Lottery, Daily Lottery and Weekly Lottery

ExpressCrypto and FaucetPay withdrawals are INSTANT

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ES Faucet

ESFaucet is a Multi-crypto faucet

Android applications is available

Earn more BTC on too PTC, watching a video, minning ...

FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto, BTC Wallet, CoinBase

Free bitcoin

Faucet Crypto

The claim timer is currently set to 30 minutes

Earn More with PTC Ads, Shortlinks and OfferWalls

You can withdraw in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies

FaucetPay. The minimum payout is 500 satoshis

Free bitcoin


Earn FREE BTC every 5 minutes

Instant withdrawals to FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto, Payeer

Faucet, PTC Ads, Shortlinks, Offerwalls and more

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Satoshi Hero - faucet dice

Satoshi Hero

3xClaim every 9 minutes

Minimum Withdrawal 30 000 Satoshi

BTC Games (for example Bitcoin dice)

Offerwalls and more ...

Satoshi Hero - faucet dice

Satoshi Monster

The same account as at Satoshi Hero

3xClaim every 18 minutes

I suggest using gmail for registration

Receive up to 25,000 Satoshi per Claim

ptc btc vic


Faucet, Shortlinks, PTC, Offers and more

Earn up to 500,000 Satoshi

Receive BTC into your FaucetPay account or BTC Wallet

Referrals, Shortlinks and OffersWalls Contests



Claim satoshi every 5 minutes

Earn 1 - 5 satoshi every claim

Minimum 200 satoshi to withdraw

Withdrawals on faucetpay

BitPick - Play and win Satoshi

Multi Coins

Easy way to earn crypto in one place!

Withdraw: FaucetPay & ExpressCrypto

Manual fauce, Auto faucet, Shortlinks, PTC

Minimum withdraw = 0.01$

GameFaucet - play and win satoshi


Faucet + PTC Ads + Offer Walls (and more)

Loyalty Bonus

Withdrawals from 35,000 Satoshi on FaucetHub, BTC wallet and doge wallet

i-Bits - Instant payment


Claim 5 Free Bitcoin Satoshi every 5 Minutes

Plus Claim 4 Satoshi Bonus!

Withdraws to FaucetPay

Instant payment



From 8 Satoshi up to 0.077 BTC

Claim every 60 Minutes

Minimum Withdrawal 30 000 Satoshi

Faucet Referall = 50%

Satoshi Hero - faucet dice


Choose Currencies to Start Auto Claim

Withdraws to FaucetPay

Faucet + WebMinner, PTC, OfferWalls, Shortlink

Levels, Bonuses, Daily Rank Rewards, and much more

Free bitcoin


Earn from 12 up to 10K Satoshi every 60 minutes

A large offer of paid tasks

Use your device CPU to get more Bits

PTC Ads and more BTC earning opportunities

GoBits Faucet


5 - 25 Satoshi every 6 minutes

Automatic withdrawals on FaucetPay

Earn 20% referral commission

Double Captcha

SwissAdsPaysFaucet Bonus Bitcoin


Claim 5 satoshi every 5 Minutes

Withdraws to FaucetPay

Earn 20% referral commission

Instant payment

ClaimBits - Instant payment


Claim 5 satoshi every 6 Minutes

Withdraws to FaucetPay

Earn 20% referral commission

Instant payment

Fautsy - Instant payment


Claim 7 - 12 Free satoshi every 5 Minutes

Plus Claim 4 Satoshi Bonus!

Payment sent to your FaucetPay

Instant payment

How do you earn bitcoins with bitcoin faucets?

Making money from faucets The btc is the easiest method for acquiring a small amount of bitcoins. To get a small part of bitcoin (or satoshi) in most guys just click on the CLAIM button and solve the CAPTCHA. Depending on CAPTCHA security codes, there may be several. In return, we will get some satoshi. Where do the bitcoins come from? Owners of faucets put ads on their websites. The higher the number of ads from trusted and tested affiliate programs, the rates for each CLAIM can be higher. However, they do not exceed 50 satoshi for each CLAIM. To increase your earnings with a BTC guy you can also use a registered system. Thanks to this you will receive an additional percentage of the earnings of people you invited to fautet bitcoin.

The best list of bitcoin faucets

Above you will find a list of carefully selected guys that allow you to earn bitcoins. Every faucet has undergone careful classification. I took into account the solvency, the possibility of earning bitcon - it counts not only the amount of BTCs obtained from each Claim, but also the time and difficulty. In addition, the next decisive factor is user-friendliness, calculated in relation to the number of popup ads and the difficulty of captcha codes. I think that the list of the best bitcoin faucets prepared in this way should appeal to you.

Only the best faucets

This list is the best faucets that will allow you to get quite a lot of Satoshi in a month (it's worth having some refs.) How much you earn on faucets depends mainly on the current rate of bitcoin If you would like to earn more, check out other subpages as well. offer for webmasters, people who want to earn in ptc and buxs bitcoin, mining.You will also find other faucets other crypto currencies (Litecoin and Dash) - as always I chose only the best.In addition to HBE faucet, there is my own bitcoin faucet paying immediately on your faucethub account.

At you will find an interesting offer of available faucets, where you can earn extra bitcons. Every bitcoin faucet we promote is checked and paid out. Therefore, you can be sure that the above bitcoin faucet list is legit.

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